About Windcat

Windcat is Europe's leading offshore personnel transfer company, predominantly operating in the offshore wind sector but also in the oil and gas sector. They choose to integrate hydrogen into all their vessels to reduce their clients' CO₂ emissions. They have a large team of people situated all over Europe operating and supporting the vessels.

CTV fleet

Windcat Workboats owns and operates a growing fleet of over 55 offshore crew transfer vessels. The vessels are mainly active in the European offshore wind industry, but also in the oil and gas industry and outside Europe. They are designed and built by themselves and, as such, include over 20 years of experience in the field. The vessel’s layout and propulsion is optimised to transfer personnel offshore in a safe and comfortable environment. Windcat Workboats works with its joint venture partners, FRS Windcat and TSM Windcat in the German and French markets respectively.

CSOV fleet

Windcat is adding a new vessel type to their fleet to offer safety and comfort for up to 120 people. Windcat Offshore has been established as a sister company to Windcat Workboats in 2022. It will be a dedicated business focused on CSOV ownership and operations. A CSOV is a vessel that stays in an offshore wind farm for an extended period of up to 30 days, providing maintenance materials and housing technicians in hotel-style accommodation. The business will build on the success and competencies of Windcat Workboats and directly benefit from expertise within the wider CMB group, not least in the management of larger vessels. Windcat will deliver the first CSOV in the Elevation Series into operations in 2025.

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