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28.06.2018 | News

CMB invests in URBANTZ

CMB and other investors have subscribed to a new capital round for software logistics start-up UrbantZ. URBANTZ has developed a software solution enabling retail, e-commerce and transport businesses to easily manage complex first and last mile delivery processes. A web platform allows e-commerce players to consolidate and optimise collect & delivery routes. A complementary mobile phone application allows all parties to track the position of the package and connect with the couriers.

Within 3 years, the Ambition of URBANTZ is to propose its innovative solution to a majority of retail and transport companies across Europe, so they can compete with the industry leader in an ever changing, technologically driven context.

"We are a strong believer of this project. This is not just a diversification from our core activities, since there are a lot of similarities with our day-to-day ocean going shipping business." said Alexander Saverys, CEO of the CMB group. CMB believes that the algorithms developed and optimised by URBANTZ could be implemented to increase the efficiency of our ship's sea passages and optimise the handling of the available cargo capacity of our fleet.

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