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15.02.2019 | News

Energy Observer in Antwerp

Together with the Port of Antwerp we’re proud to welcome and host the Energy Observer from March 21st until March 29th at Zaha Hadid plein 1, 2030 Antwerpen.

Energy Observer is the first ship to take on the challenge of travelling around the world on renewable energies, i.e. without emissions of greenhouse gases or fine particles.
"Energy Observer the odyssey for the future" is also a series of reports on energy transition and innovative solutions for the environment.

6 years, 50 countries and 101 stops, to meet everyone who shapes the world of tomorrow together, to prove that a cleaner world is possible. More than a ship, a real media at the service of a positive and inspiring message.

Come and visit the Energy Observer and its village and experience the energy transition.

Or subscribe with your class via following link:

CMB operates nearly 100 seagoing vessels in all the world's oceans. Within the group, the CMB Technologies department is developing several projects around hydrogen.

In 2017, CMB Technologies launched the Hydroville, the world's first classified ship that uses hydrogen in conventional combustion engines, reducing its CO2 emissions. Several other projects are under development: more powerful hydrogen engines, hydrogen refuelling station, research of new storage techniques and development of new types of hydrogen ships.

“CMB shares the same environment, the same oceans and the same vision as the Energy Observer and his team. We are convinced that hydrogen can be a key element for the future of zero emission shipping, and for the energy transition in general.” Alexander Saverys

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